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Links may have icons indicating some sort of undesired property. Color of these icons usually represents severity of the issue (viz table bellow). Hovering over these icons will bring up a pop-up with an explanation. I.e. .

Icon color Severity
Red Very high
Orange High
Yellow Medium
Green Low

Emphasis, sources and other notes

  • Link descriptions that are in italics are copied descriptions from either the official website or wiki
  • Glossary uses a lot of external sources, thus provides links to original websites through upper index numbers
  • I try to avoid short-links (i.e.
  • This is a curated collection of links, but I still can't say with guarantee that all of the links are safe; don't open the links if you don't know how to protect yourself from adversaries

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Finoozer's Bookmark Collection (FBC) is a curated list of my clearnet bookmarks. All pages are editable either by finding them on Github repo or directly - using the edit button in the upper right corner

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