• Why did you ... ?

    To put all of my bookmarks and files (which I don't care to make public) in one place. I can also quickly reference this site to anyone who asks me for source of XYZ.

  • How did you ... ?

    MkDocs + Material Theme ; hosted on Github Pages

  • What IDE / tools did you use ?

    VSCode + Markdown AIO (search: yzhang.markdown-all-in-one) + sometimes Typora

  • Can I also add my links ?

    Yes, you can! Every page has an edit icon in the upper right corner. But please; think about where and what you want to add.

  • I've found a broken link

    Please use the edit button to delete or change the link to a working one.

  • I have a question about XYZ

    You can contact me through Twitter DM, Wire (@finoozer) or Session